The Creature's image, max 250px
Cyclops (Mass Produced Type)
Created 2010
Created By Joseph "Wesker" Nilton
Creation Injecting G, Beta Hetero Non serotonin, Uroboros into a human host
Based Human
Height/Length 8-9 1/2 feet
Purpose Experimental
Status Active

  • This is part of the Hopeless Romantic Continuety, with credit to NinjaoftheTwilight for coming up with the original concept.
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In an attempt to create a mass produced G type creature, due to its incredibly powerful regenerative abilities, Joseph Nilton had his scientists at the Curium Facilities begin experimentation with a batch of the G-Virus he had recieved from the black market. The main trouble was that the virus mutated every host differently, as seen with Birkin, Dexter Whitlam, and Curtis Miller. The scientists decided that, like the T-103s, they could mass produce a G-type creature with the help of a chemical found in the brains of adolescents, Beta Hetero Nonserotonin. They correctly deduced that it would help in the process of mass production, and thus, the first Cyclopes were born. If other viruses were introduced to the mix of G, Beta Hetero Nonserotonin, and the desired host's DNA, it could enhance or degrade the host. The Mass Produced Type has been enhanced with the Uroboros Virus. The giant chamber on it's right arm was made to provide a steady supply of a chemical that would supress the growth of the tentacles, around that arm and the rest of the body, as the tentacles would just eat the body and destroy the host. The giant chamber also has an added advantage of adding weight to the arm, allowing for an increase in killing power.


It has the same capabilities as most Tyrant creatures. Crush bone with either of it's arms, able to slice through bone for the most part, etc. They have no eyes, an adequete sense of smell, super hearing, and can see on the eye on their hand. Their tentacles around the right arm (clawed arm) can grab prey who are close and drag them into the open claws.


Cyclops are like every other G creature. After a severe amount of bodily trauma is caused the creature will be knocked "unconcious" for a short time while it mutates. At the "G-3" stage the chamber is destroyed, releasing the tentacles. It will take about thirty minutes for the tentacles to completely consume the body of the Cyclops, which will cause a quick explosion of tentacles in the immediate area and consume all around the creature before retracting and dissolving.

In FanonEdit

The Cyclops makes it's main appearance in the story "Resident Evil: Playground" as a recurring enemy that are released from the Curium Facility.

There are a few released during Emerald City Chronicles

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