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Crow Gate Bridge
Crow Gate

Location:Redwood City, Colorado
Notable events:t-Viral Outbreak of 1999
Current status:Destroyed; February 10th, 1999

The Crow Gate Bridge is the oldest bridge in Redwood City, constructed back in 1891. It was the first bridge constructed over the Black River and is the oldest bridge of the four in Redwood. It was constructed through the collaboration of Crow Masonry and Gates Construction, which is where it's name is deprived from.

When Singer Railroad Company opened up the tramline in 1936, people protested about the building of the tramline on Crow Gate Bridge, feeling it would ruin it's appearance. In 1950, the city workers discovered the bridge was hideous disrepair and ordered it to be rebuilt. The bridge was redone in 1955, adding two more lanes and making it a four lane styled bridge and making it the largest bridge in the city.

In 1999, the bridge along with the other three participated in Operation: London Bridge. Bombs were planted in the center of the bridge by police officers Duncan, and protected by remaining officers of the RCPD. Their barricade was soon breached by an out of control bus. All officers were killed before the bomb could be denotated, thus causing Operation: London Bridge to fail and the undead crossed the river. It is destroyed, along with the rest of the city, on February 11th, 1999 in a nuclear explosion.


  • After freeing David Hanson from bus, all police officers will become zombified after leaving the bus.
  • After freeing David Hanson, you will be given a chance to blow up the bridge or not. Though blowing up the bridge leaves only the Redwood City Sewer System as a way across.
  • The two companies are based off two real life companies. Sparrow Construction and Gately Construction Offices.
  • It strongly resembles the Brooklyn Bridge, but without the walking level.

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