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"Goddamn it! I hate these things!"

--Chris on the crows that attack.

Information Edit

Crows are the most common (and the most weak) enemies featured in Code Genesis and are infected with the t2 virus after consuming dead flesh of the infected after the Newark City outbreak. Many species of these birds became infected and Rose observed them attacking a pigeon by tearing it apart in a large group, displaying their ferocity.

Unlike most of those infected by the virus, crows showed no visible signs of infection in them aside from their increased size and aggression. If threatened, they will not hesitate to attack their prey and overwhelm them in a flock. Otherwise, they are generally harmless and tend to ignore the players.

Crows have appeared in every Resident Evil to date. Crows are the easiest enemies to kill as it only took one shot, but they were difficult to shoot due to their ability to fly and their tendency to avoid most small arms fire. In a huge flock, they are generally more difficult.

Creation Edit

As Alex had no part in their creation, they are considered to be an accident, like most of the crows in previous Resident Evil games.

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