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The "lawless" zone of Croatia "Government"
General information

Jeremy Jameson as he instigated the Croatian Civil War


Lawrence "Chet" Barrett (de facto)

Historical information

2023 (after civil war)





Other information

Cipher Militia, Lawrence "Chet" Barrett

The "Lawless" zone of Croatia

Location:Remnants of Croatia, Europe
Population:2.8 million
Notable events:Croatian Civil War, 3rd Rift Event,
Current status:"Martial Law"

Croatia (also known as Cipheria and the lawless zone of Croatia) is a country/government forged by the personal dreams of Lawrence "Chet" Barrett to escape from the political, social and religious anxieties of the world.

Government Edit


Croatia is now a localized economic and social community of free-minded individuals. It differs from a commune in that it is uniquely freedom-focused and so upholds individual and property rights rather than operating by the rules of a collective community.

Croatia is now a capitalist society free of religious and government interference, where any citizen could achieve for his or her own gain. People would be granted freedom of will and choice in Croatia, unrestrained by government, religion or moral ideology. Instead of following traditional law and morality, values such as logic and scientific reason were to guide the inhabitants in their pursuit of achievement.

This would-be utopia had its flaws. In Croatia's new purely capitalistic society, there were no publicly funded social programs, everything within the city was privately owned and came with a price. This included the city's food, health care, and sanitation. There were less restricted norms for businesses and labor, allowing unscrupulous business practices, but with competition and customer's choice balancing the market.This system alienated Croatia's less fortunate citizens, who when hard times came began to resent Lawrence "Chet" Barrett's society as elitist.

    Lawrence "Chet" Barrett said that individuals had a right to religion in private, but that there were not to be any such public institutions anywhere in Croatia. The following are the major beliefs held by citizens of Croatia:
  • Everyone owes each other a sense of unity and brotherhood.
  • Belief in self-interest and free markets which unite the people in their forward progress. This is more of a philosophy than a religion, as it is a belief promoted by Lawrence "Chet" Barrett, who is a staunch atheist.
  • Christianity - Belief in the Christian God and Christ as the savior of humanity. This is an underground religion in Croatia, as it is officially banned as an organized religion. The ban enabled smugglers to make money from smuggling many religious artifacts, and gave fuel to the conflict that lead to the Croatian "Bible Wars".
  • Atheism - The disbelief in a metaphysical God or spiritual beings. This is the official philosophical stance of New Croatia, as imposed by Lawrence "Chet" Barrett.
  • The Order of Arcane - A dark cult found in Paegilis. Worshipers of this cult drink human blood .
  • SciLibramaginism -
  • Proprienism
  • Radical Acceptance

Cipher CommitteeEdit

Even though Lawrence "Chet" Barrett has strong anti-government policies, he created a committee to manage and control the "military of Croatia", the Cipher Militia. This committee had emergency powers to control individual citizens' assets, appropriate itself of private companies, eliminate "threats to society", Destroy things related to or of the Christian religion, handle foreign relations, and to issue arrest warrants/detain citizens.

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