Crawlers are disturbing enemies of Resident Evil: Rising Sun. Created by the Agency, these were meant to be the answer to Umbrella's Hunters. They are heavily mutated crocodiles, combined with some elements of humans and snakes to make them fearsome foes. After Aban visits the Factory, the Crawlers were awakened by the mysterious Mr. Black and sent to kill everything in their paths.


Crawler's are tough, durable, and mutations not to be fought without being heavily armed. They can adapt to a multitude of enviornments, such as the waterways near the Village, the streets of the Village, and even inside of buildings and homes. They look like bipedal crocodiles with bloodred eyes (a side effect) and a craggy skin. They often walk on two legs but can crawl on all four too gain an advantage over an opponent. They also have human-like hands, enabling them to pick up objects, which they usually use for ripping off hunks of meat off their fallen prey. They also can spit poison at foes, due to their combined effects with poison.

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