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David Price
Alias(es) '
Date of Birth October 5th 1964
October 1st 1998
Gender Male
Height 6'0'
Race/Ethnicity Caucasian
Occupation United States Marine Corp, Umbrella Security Service commando, Umbrella Security Service Officer
Marital status Divorced
Relative(s) Robert Price: Son, Alive
Status Deceased


Captain Price and his plattoon of soldiers including Lieutenant Billy Coen were sent to eliminate the guerilla hideout deep in the Congo. They inserted a mile off the designated insertion point and were forced to go through the jungle to get to the village. After they made it Price ordered the brutal slayings of the 23 of the village inhabitants.

Raccoon CityEdit

After joining the USS the Colonel quickly rose through the ranks until he headed a squad of his own feautring the Sergeant and three others. Once Birkin refused to give Umbrella the G-Virus he and his team were sent in to get the virus through force. While in Raccoon City he encountered Billy Coen and forced him to go to the sewers with his squad. Billy emerged without his squad and told Rebecca to leave the city after telling her of the outbreak to come. Billy escaped and the Colonel started to organize with Irons to get him out of the city quickly.

Unfortunatly the airport was grounded as an infected pilot bit the copilot and crashed the plane into the fuel storage tank. Price fled the airport and visited his friend Jonathon Silverson. Upon approaching Silverson he recognized the infection process beginning and fled back to the station. Price was then rescued by Billy Coen and Officer Fazer of RPD.

Not trusting Billy and his new friend he fled to Billy's house and holed up there until Billy visited again. Billy questioned Price about the mission into the sewers and Price confessed a little. Price fled back to the station and found the Sergeant fighting through the zombies with a sample of the virus. Price was then killed by the Sergeant after he stated he was "following orders"