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Colchester Cottage
Country Located: England
Provisions: N/A
Leader(s): N/A
Survivor(s): Dr. Richard Carlisle

Colchester Cottage was a rentable holiday home in Winston Borough used by Dr. Richard Carlisle, a former Umbrella Corporation scientist, as a safe house before and during, if only for the first hours, the outbreak.


The cottage itself is actually a former farm house owned by a rich member of Winston Borough's agricultural community which was renovated and refurbished after his death. Dr. Richard Carlisle, now working towards joining Neo-Umbrella with the Scottish/Irish Liberation Party, which did infact intend to betray Carlisle, rented out the cottage as a safehouse and makeshift laboratory with which he attempted to synthesize a strain of the T-Virus. Once he learnt that the SILP did intend to betray him, he released the virus in a similar farm house in which high-ranking members of the SILP were meeting, where it infected field mice which Carlisle had not anticipated being there. The outbreak forced Carlisle to head back to the cottage, where he collected a few weapons and fled for the former Umbrella Corporation compound. Later, an SAS team sent into the town discovered evidence of his involvment and his whereabouts, where they then followed Carlisle and captured him. The building was destroyed along with Winston Borough on the 9th of June, 2009.

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