Anthony James Hartworth
Date of birth:1944
Date of death:1999
Blood type:O+
Height:5" 10'
Occupation:U.S.S. Leader, Colonel
Appearances:Resident Evil Cataclysm
Portrayer:Stephen Lang

"If those mutated, fuck-bags weren't enough; Now I have to deal with you..."
―Col. Hartworth to Michael West

Colonel Anthony James Hartworth is the leader of U.S.S. Echo Team, currently stationed beneath Raccoon City Ruins. He, and his team, are assigned to not only capture Michael West, but also to progressively regain lost information from the Hive. He is protrayed by Stephan Lang.



There are some mentioning that he had fought in Vietnam towards the end of it in the 70s. He never tells which battles, but mentions that "It's what made me the soldier I am today." Whether he saw good things or bad is uncertain. He mentions he lead the 56th Infantry and that he served in the U.S. Army, he was a Captain.


In 1998, He was assigned to lead Echo Team into the Arctic Tundra to fight against an unknown B.O.W.; he lost 3 of the 10 Man squadron and failed by blowing up the facility and all surviving members. It is unknown what he rank was at the time, but Umbrella Command demoted him to Colonel and sent him to the Raccoon Ruins Viral Studies Facility in January of 1999.



"Get your ass down or I'll blow your brains out!"

In 1999, he and his team were assigned by Doctor Xavier to "Recover samples of the intitial T-Virus that caused the Raccoon City Outbreak, along with any information that seems important to the furthering of this virus.", He is shown later coming from a room following Harwood. As Harwood tries to bribe Michael, he holds the camera that Michael snapped his pictures with.

The deal doesn't settle and he manages to crush the camera with his bare hands and reach for his assault rifle.

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