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Claudia Campbell
Claudia Campbell
Date of birth:May 6,1776
Age:25 (Appearance)

261 (Chronologically)

Blood type:Unknown
Height:5ft 10
Mass:121 lb
Family:Heather Campbell (Younger Sister)
Lou Campbell (Father)
Rick Campbell (Uncle)
Occupation:New Amazon
Spouse(s):Gerard Powell (Married 12/14/05)
Children:David Powell (Born 8/25/06)

Claudia Campbell was born a vampire in the year 1776 to Lou Campbell and his wife. She is the older sister of Youtube Star Heather the Vampire's Heather Campbell and Branden Campbell. She was a rebellious teenager when she was growing up and when she was 25, Claudia left and bought a home in New York City. She started out small and then in the 1940's, she started hiring the mafia with the compensation of immortality, but she killed them and stole their money. by the 1960's, Claudia was working as a playgirl for Hugh Hefner and lived in the Playboy Mansion through the decade until 1970. She decided to retire and then worked on a show called "Surplus". By the 90's she was living in Bayou of Louisiana. By 2005, Claudia went to sleep and slept until 2037 when she was awakened by members of the New Amazons. They bought her to their outpost and she joined them as a scout.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Due to her being a Vampire, Claudia has superhuman speed, strength, healing, stamina, senses, endurance, reflexes and agility. She also has the power of immortality and unlike other Vampires, she can turn invisible for a short period of time.

Alongside her powers, Claudia is experienced in hand to hand combat, combat with melee weapons and even has firearms training. She is also very cocky in a fight which can sometimes lead her to get knocked down by certain enemies.


Claudia is a black eyed caucasian brunette, usually topless, however wears military pants, a belt and a holster that straps to her leg.

Marriage & FamilyEdit

Claudia married boyfriend Gerard Powell on December 14,2005 and had their first child David on August 25,2006.

Weapons of ChoiceEdit

Claudia's main weapons of choice are two Heckler & Koch MP5K submachine guns and a Colt Single Action Army as her sidearm.

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