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Claire Redfield
Date of birth:1979
Blood type:O
Height:169 cm
Mass:52.4 kg
Occupation:TerraSave Member
Appearances:Resident Evil: 2

Resident Evil Code: Veronica

Resident Evil: Gun Survivor 2 Code Veronica

Resident Evil: Extinction

Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles

Resident Evil: Degeneration

Resident Evil: Afterlife

Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

Resident Evil: Rise of Uroboros

Voice:Alyson Court
Portrayer:Adrienne Frantz (RE2 ads)

Ali Larter (Ex) (Af)
Chloe Walter (rumored)
Kendra Brown (young)

Mocap:Lori Rom (D)

Claire Redfield is the younger sister of former S.T.A.R.S and a BSAA member Chris Redfield. Claire is a hardcore motorcyclist and a current member of TerraSave.

Oldston OutbreakEdit

"Ch..Chris... You saved me..."

- Claire, after being injected with A-Virus antidote by Chris

Claire takes a minor part in the main plot of Resident Evil: Rise of Uroboros, but playable at the DLC. She crosses path with Sheva Alomar and Josh Stone team in Oldston city.

After hearing his brother, Chris travelling a home for bio terrorism in Kijuju, Claire worried about his brother. However, to cover up her worries, Claire, along with her friends from TerraSave travels to Oldston. They're planning to rent a helicopter to go to Kijuju, hopefully find his brother and aid him in his mission.

However, when Claire and her friends are relaxing in a cafe, a group of civilians running to the cafe and lock the door firmly. Claire ask the civilians, and the civilians answer that there are civilians that acting like they're infected with some sort of virus. Suddenly, a car hits the cafe, throwing all peoples in there. The infected quickly eats the other civilians, and in a few seconds, the civilians is infected. Claire pull her gun and start shooting at the infected.

A Coffinghoul land on the cafe, surprising Claire and her friends. She tell her friends to leave the place and escort the remaining survivors. Claire manage to kill the Coffinghoul, and start to catch up with her team, while battling Lickers and the infected. When Claire catch up with her friends, Josh and Sheva's team arrives and help Claire to evacuate the survivors to a BSAA helicopter

Claire is taken by an Umbrella elite squad. Her nametag falls, allowing Sheva to contact Chris about his sister fate. Meanwhile, Claire is taken to the Umbrella Underground lab, meeting with Alex Wesker. When having a brief conversation, tha alarm ring, signing Chris and Jill entering the facility. Knowing Chris and Jill is getting closer, and Alex's Uroboros X has been destroyed, he inject Claire with a powerful Abyss-Virus. Chris manage to take the antidote, and cure Claire with it, also reuniting the Redfield's family.

It is shown that Claire hates Alex when the first time they met, she clearly said "The city, the civilians, the army, the agents, and now you want me!? What else you can take away from this world? Avenging your brother's death!?". It is also shown that Claire was really happy when she reunites with Chris, after a long time no seen each other

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