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Date of
believed to be 150,000 B.C.E
Created via:unknown
Purpose:Terraformation of planets for the Acherscrin Empire
Status:Perserved in Phsycic-Cocoon

Ciric-Eiul is a mysterious being that was the basis of a large cult (or religion) called the Sanguis Cult in Nafanua. It's worship was considered a cult until it gained the ability to telepathically influence humans.


Once it achieved the ability to influence humans, it influenced Talia La'ei Nifterik to kill her family excluding her fiance. It then impregnated her with the Monopod.She immediately gave birth to the Monopod,and then it grew too large to hide, so the Archeron Dome was built. The Monopod amplifies the Circic-Eiul's telepathic influence to a range slightly greater than the size of Nafuana. With this influence he imposes the Sanguis cult's teachings upon country. He influenced them to create the secret underground city of Euilis. After memory implanting the Ciric Directive and infecting her with the Porphyric Hemophilia virus, Talia La'ei Nifterik watched he covered himself in a cocoon in the heart of Euilis City. He still uses his telepathic powers to influence the country


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