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Church of Elohim
Cathedral 01

Location:Newark City
Notable events:t2 Virus infection
Current status:Destroyed, June 14th 2014

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The Church of Elohim is a church located in Elysian Heights. It is unknown what religion the church is precisely, but it's possibly Catholic. It is not an accessible location, but can be seen in passing with several windows boarded up. It's not known if there are survivors using it as a safe house at the time of the game as there are clearly no signs of movement inside.

It is a notable landmark for its towering spires and beautiful images.


  • Elohim (אֱלהִים) is a grammatically singular or plural noun for "god" or "gods" in both modern and ancient Hebrew language.
  • The church has little to no movement within save for the large throng of infected crows lingering in the cemetery.
  • Interestingly enough, the graveyard is in fact where you can locate the Norinco HP9-1 for Chris. It is lying in a pool of blood surrounded by discarded ammunition.


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