This article, Chris Redfield, Leon Kennedy, Barry Burton, and Mike (copter pilot from RE4) VS Albert Wesker (anyone can edit), takes place in a canon-following story of an
alternate universe, and should only be considered as part of the author(s)’s timeline.

This entire story take place after RE5 but before RE6.

Leon, Barry, and Chris are sent on a Above Top Secret mission to the North Pole to investigate a possible Organization factory producing Licker B.O.W's for the black market. They are only issued their weapons and eqiupment (if their is enough demand I'll add more info on their loadouts), they have to find a helicopter pilot. They take a day to think and Leon remembers Mike the pilot who helped him located Ashley and got them off of the island. The team heads to Mike's favorite bar and finds him in the corner with two Asian women, one of whom looks like Ada but Leon is not sure if it is. Leon waves Mike over and tells him their mission. He readily accepts their invite to the mission and he tells them to meet him at the airport in the mourning. When they get to the factory Mike drops them off and tells them he'll circle the factory till he needs to head home which is in 2 hours. The team locates a entrance and split up into 2 pairs and head off. After 1 hour and 45 minutes of searching they have enough evidence to shut the Organization down for good. They decide to take a short cut though a large domed room to be able to make their 2 hour deadline. They carefully head into to the room but 10 feet into the room the door shuts behind them and the light slow turn to reveil Wesker standing on the opposite side of the room. "Hello again Chris I see you've brought a few friends" "Yeah more than enough to kick your sorry ass" What happens after this is up to the readers post in the comments, which i will create, how you think this'd go down. Remember they've only got 10 mins to deal with Wesker because it's a another 5 mins to get to Mike.


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