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A creature with a humanoid figure albeit,as described in Resident Evil:Project Omega,being either very tall and wide.Muscular and seemingly of male origin, he could have been one of the wesker children experimented


Date of
Created via:Virus 17
Purpose:To create the perfect race of humans

on with a virus of unknown origin to increase his aptitude for intelligence or his combat prowess,causing rapid mutation and the appereance of a monster.The name of the original child is unknown though,might be revealed as time progresses.

Deformed and peppered with red blotches suggesting that whatever made it what it is also made him a wretch and mutated his body to that of a diseased or very sick person, aside from the claws and tentacles.His claws are mainly used for hunting his supposed prey.Using them for impaling or slashing he lunges forward lifting his prey off the air for no chance of fighting back while he takes their blood from their bodies.Slashing is mainly used for fighting back when the time calls for it(which it rarely does).The tentcles are used for grabbing prey from the shadows,also used as yet another defense of itself.When and if the time calls for it Interfectorem uses its extreme agility to take down tough prey.Interfectorem used this only once when fighting Omega and Wehrmacht as they were winning the fight.

It's mutation suggests that it evolved on it's own to better combat predators that were it's prey.That presents a startling question.If that virus was discovered again and researched it could allow every person to become their own new B.O.W.This makes it the most diverse virus if found again.Making him the only one of his kind ever made.

Chimera's tendency to suck blood could be interpreted as it needing fuel for it's continued growth and development of newer,more advanced forms of evolutionary hunting tools at an even faster rate then what it previously could have.

It seems to be self aware and self protective,using shadow tactics and grabbing enemies from behind cover with tetacles.This virus kept most intelligence,so death never occured,and the brain seems unaltered,but switched from human to natural predator mode.This brings yet another question.What made the brain switch so quickly?No other presentable subject was ever found as the virus spreads through direct injection or inplantation of the virus agent from a host.No brain was studied up close.We can't be sure what caused this change or what exactly it did.

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