Cherry Lite is a character in the game Resident Evil: The Downfall Up as the main protagonist and partner of Chris Redfield (Jill is like dead and stuff after she got killed because thats what happens when you die).


Cherry likes to wear a one piece outfit with lace around the edges and has long red hair (which is how she got her name) Her hair is originally blonde but she fell into a pit of blood of her enemies which scared her forever and stained her hair. The one piece is black and tight and made of Kevlar so it protects her. She does not wear shoes because she likes to feel the pain as if she was walking in the shoes of her falling bros.


Cherry was born Machele Marie Lightcamen as a daughter of the cousin of the guy related to Ozwell Spencer. At age 13 she was taken in as a chald solider for Project Super Siberia to see if they would train a young girl to be a super killer (I guess like that one movie with that Russian girl but I never really saw that movie so I'm not too sure but just saying this just in case you think of that). She began to kill anyone in her path until she had to kill her brother which made her snap and revolt against the project and then she was captured again and was left 4 dead (great game btw;) ) in a pit of the corpses of her victims. This is when she finally turned her life around for good and went to help those in need thourhg the BSAA and left behind her past and her name because she might cry when she thinks about it an would have to explain it and stuff and that would be traumatic

BTW She got the Lite in her name because she only wants to leave her dark past and see the light in life


Cherry is very strong and very smart being raised in a strict environment she was forced to learn how to survive


When this event happens her and Cris need to go to Siberia to go take out a new form of the T-Virus but this might bring out some old skeletons from her newly closed closet when she learns that they'll be returning to her former home.


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