The Chernari is divided into eight physical and social castes: Workers , Supports , Warriors , Citizens, Transports,-!need Chernari Hierarchy administration section link-! Administrators, Scholars, and -!need Chernari Hierarchy nest section- ! Nest.

All eight castes are very different and can contain a variety of infected-human types and aliens.




They infect human, Qraolatian, Scrabeetle, or various other alien hosts. Vectors include: Agnosco, Formic Slugcrabs, Chernworms, Shckimori, and Tickers.


Progenitors reproduce viruses and organisms that can't reproduce normally like: Scrabeetles, Chershi, [[ There are two classes of Progenitors:

Administration casteEdit

The administration caste is the only caste without ill-defined boundaries, parameters, or specific requirements. The Administration caste is very strict and important. They usually refer to the themselves as a collective , adopting the modern french term " bourgeois " to describe themselves as a hole. They are the top caste and rule over the Chernari with an iron fist. They govern mostly through telepathic consensus, but The King has final say on any decision, and the royals have slightly less authority. The administration caste is broken up into 5 distinct divisions.


Observers watch over individual ChernariSwarms and micro-manage them telepathically and verbally. They also empathize with the people they watch. The act as the voice of the Chernarus People in governance. Members of this caste are called "Oracles". Types of observers are : Sibyls, Lords, Watchers, Formic Stalkers, Qroaqs, and Formic Droids.


Commanders serve as military advisers and exploration advisers of Armadas. They are in-charge of recovering artifacts of importance. They command large contingents within the Military/Law-enforcement agency of Chernarus ,the Chernari Horde. Their referenced to as "Conquistadors".


They are in charge of science, healthcare, energy, and studying important artifacts. They also create education programs for the other castes in hopes of creating more administrators.


They are in-charge of managing resources especially live organisms. They manage agriculture and food supplies. They also control, monitor, and adapt the Chernari EVOs as needed. They also manage the reproduction of Chernari organisms.


This is the highest and most powerful division of Administrator. They are second in command under The King. They are eternally loyal to him. This division consists of the Chernari Royal Consorts, the Cherni Genralty, and the Three Chernari High Queens.

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