Chemical Tek Facility WR06
Chemical Tek Facility WR06
Country Located: United States of America
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Leader(s): Dr. Eric Steinmann
Survivor(s): Dr. Sabrina Hewitt, Dr. Louise Cassidy, Dr. Max Harrison, Dr. Charley Hughes, Dr. Evelyn Louise

Chemical Tek Facility WR06 was the largest and only facility in Hughmes owned by the Chemical Tek corporation and was used for both legal and illegal research projects into Bio-Organic Weaponry, namely from research stolen from Umbrella Corporation. It became the epicenter of the massive T-Virus outbreak of 2002 and was later destroyed by a nuclear strike.


The facility itself was built in 1986, to much fanfare from both elated officials and workers in Hughmes. To the naked eye, the facility was a massive construction, a 40 floor building that ran high across the sky. It was packed with offices and relaxation rooms, not to mention it's own small laboratories and even a small, luxury cafe. However, the facility also had a somewhat more sinister side to it, with an extra 4 floors built underground that connected to the city's sewer system, a design adapted from Umbrella facilities. It's first string of experiments were aimed at simple genetic modifications, though these had mixed results and often came with severe side-effects on the test subjects ranging from physical abnormality or mental instability. In 1994, a sample of the Hyper-Evolutionary Virus was stolen from a courier supposed to be delivering it to Umbrella in the US southwest, so the sample was taken to the Hughmes facility. Research continued throughout the 1990s, even after the Raccoon City Destruction Incident despite warnings against carrying out such a risky venture.

T-Virus OutbreakEdit


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