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"There Chairon stands, who rules the dreary coast ..."

-Virgil, 1st Century B.C. Marked on Charon's cryotube.

Charon is a minor enemy that makes only a single appearance throughout Code Genesis in the experimental testing lab of Isle Alexandria and no others of this type are seen at all afterwards. It resembles that of the Iron Maiden creature type featured in Resident Evil 4, though it's true origins remain unknown. It is a large creature that stands well above that of a normal human and shares physical traits with that of one as well with a few obvious differences.

The creature possesses a tattered, human-like mouth and a pair of pale, white eyes; sickly white skin and many long, pointed spikes protruding from its body. It has long, sharp nails and toes. It is a modified version of a B.O.W. that makes an eerie, human - like moaning sound and grips its head, staggering around the player in a very uncontrollable manner.

Its body seems to spasm uncontrollably in pain due to the spikes that jut wildly through its flesh. If the player is lucky enough to draw close to it, one would witness that Charon's spikes are actually bone fragments from either its body or from mutation effects. It is safe to kill these creatures at a distance and they only make a single appearance in the labs of Isle Alexandria; they are considered to be an unfinished project.

It can be shot with a handgun several times and it has no clear effect on it. It is a very slow B.O.W. and can be avoided simply by keeping a reasonably safe distance in the room where it appears. It uses its spikes to attack and will also swing its arms about in an attempt to tear its prey to pieces. The creature can be killed with explosives, though it requires many to do the job.

It is unknown what purpose this B.O.W. would have served given the fact that it was released early from its holding tank during the chaos.

In Greek mythology, Charon is the ferryman of the Underworld who carries souls of the newly deceased across the rivers Styx and Acheron that divided the world of the living from the world of the dead.

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