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Charles Knight
Date of birth:March 26,2007
Species:Human (Infected with G-Virus Alpha 1)
Blood type:Unknown
Height:6ft 8
Mass:270 lb
Family:Bonnie Knight (Sister)
Spouse(s):Bonnie Knight

Charles Knight is known to be the most powerful threat against both the Umbrella Corporation. He is known to be the very first test subject of G-Virus Alpha 1, which was administered by Oswell E. Spencer in 2037. He was once a regular human who had a great life ahead of him until one day while attending a school dance, he was tormented so much that he left and was never heard from again. By 20, Charles left and found Spencer who gave him the chance at payback. Spencer administered the new virus into his body, which immedietly started to change him and it changed him fast. As soon as he was experimented on, he was used against the N.W.A and soon after he started to question his motives. After a month, Knight was on a mission when he turned on his new allies and escaped. He reached Wisconsin where he found his sister Bonnie Knight and stayed with her for 3 weeks. After being with him for 3 weeks, Bonnie started questioning her brother's motives and on the last night they were together, Charles explained that he needed a female of his own blood to reproduce with, otherwise he will die. They spent the night making love and Bonnie decided to stay with him as his wife, then the next morning they left together and loaded Bonnie's truck with supplies. Umbrella Soldiers came after them and they drove from their location in Wisconsin to New Raccoon City and that was when Division Delta Codenamed:Anti-Virus placed them under their protection.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

G-Virus Alpha 1 has granted Charles the powers of superhuman speed, strength, healing, endurance and stamina. His senses are also enhanced and he also possesses biological immortality. He is also known to morph weapons out of his arms thanks to the virus such as axes, whips, claw hands and other bladed weapons.


Any kind of weapon that has either an explosive, rapid fire or energy projectile are considered to be the best weapons against him. Also he and his wife must mate before a certain amount of time ends, otherwise he could end up dying.

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