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I had always wished that you'd never have to

find this. I had always feared what would

happen in the end should you learn the truth

about your past...and about me.

Rose, I want you to know first off

that I loved you, even though you

were never mine to begin with.

I have to tell the truth now. You have

a right to know, before I am dead.

Yeah, I know that he's going to come

for me, I just don't know when.

Your real parents are gone now.

When you were a baby, he took

them away and handed you over

to me. God, how horrible does that


It was my task to watch out for

you until you were old enough.

Old enough for what...I cannot

say it exactly, but when you

could "create" the New World.

When Spencer discovered that

I was growing too fond of you,

we argued. I had planned on

leaving and taking you

with me outside of the eyes of

Umbrella and especially Alex.

I didn't like the way he would

look at you, like you were a

piece of meat. I tried to keep

him away as discreetly as I

possibly could.

But it failed and now I must

pay the price for what I have done.

I confess I had reservations at

first about raising you as my child.

Could I love you? Several times I

even considered abandoning you.

That's what a terrible person I am.

But I decided to raise you after all.

I just couldn't seem to let you go.

When she...when you look at me,

you laugh, so...

I know I wasn't your REAL father,

but I loved you. I have no doubts

about that.

To my precious daughter...

Charles Bedford.

Remember this: "A bazooka in the hands of a woman PMS'ing can cause mass mayhem in a zombie apocalypse." --Queen-of-the-Living-Dead 00:56, January 27, 2011 (UTC)

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