Chad White
Date of birth:N/A
Date of death:1999
Age:Early 20s
Occupation:College Student
Appearances:Resident Evil: Cataclysm
Voice:Brad Dryborough

Chad White is a psychopath found in the main campaign of Resident Evil Cataclysm. He is found in the bathroom of a stripclub in Uptown called StripTease, surrounded by used needles and two dead women. His main weapon is a metal crowbar, though he can use a multitude of object he has in the room such as a protest sign and even used needles.



Chad White was a student at Redwood City University of Science, who used multiple drugs throughout his life. He also appeared to be a frequent customer at the nightclub and stripclub, StripTease, as he has a sweater with their logo on it, he may have also fell in love with a number of women in the club as their bodies are found laying on the floor and him complaining they never loved him back. Sometime before the infection, he came to StripTease with two of his friends, but their party stopped when the zombies overran the club.

T-Virus Outbreak of 1999Edit

During the outbreak, Chad helped his two "girlfriends" from the club into the bathroom and locked it as other survivors were attacked. He attempted to hit on the two girls, but refused may have called him names. Out of anger, he killed one of them and then out of panic killed the other. With the two dead, he began to use drugs in hopes to ease his guilt but to no avail. When Michael West enters with Vanessa, they see him curled over the body of one of the women, stabbing his arm repeated with a used needle.


Chad's realization

Chad notices that both of them are from the police department and breaths a sigh of relief, but then realizes that he has killed two people and has been using drugs. He panics yet again, then grabs a crowbar and threatens the cops. Michael tries to calm him down, but Chad swings and hits Vanessa and knocks her to the ground. Michael and Chad then fight. After the fight, Chad stumbles against one of the sinks and a grips a bullet wound to the stomach. He then says it's getting hard to breath and his chest hurts, he then suffers a heart attack from drug overdose and dies. A custom pistol is found on one of the dead women, underneath them, it is suspected that Chad hadn't known this was there or was too high to use it.




  • In Resident Evil: First Hour, he makes a cameo appearance at the clinic protest. But instead he is wear a plaid shirt and and jeans and has a college sweatshirt around his waist.
  • Passing the University in Hope Crossing, you'll see a list of students not allowed on campus, his name appears on the board.
  • Chad is based off of Brandon Whittaker from Dead Rising 2.

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