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"Oh shit, not these things again!"

--Chris, on the arrival of infected dogs.

History Edit

In the past previous game installments, the MA-39 Cerberus creatures had been developed as a B.O.W. series for profit by the Umbrella Corporation. They

MA-39 Cerberus

were commonly known for their appearance of being that of a Doberman Pincher in various Resident Evil games such as Zero, Remake and many others as well. They were also featured in the films.

They most often appear to suffer from a similar necrosis in the way that the humans infected by the t-virus are. These rotting dogs always manage to retain much of their former agility prior to infection, with a noticeable increase in durability and aggression.

The way to find them was always to wait and listen for the sound of their padding paws and loud growling sounds around you. They are one of the most common enemies throughout the Resident Evil series and can be quite dangerous in packs if they are not dealt with.

Newark City Infection Edit

Unlike their predecessors, the "Cerberus" of this game was not created in a lab environment and instead have become infected with the t2 virus through outside means. Most of them appear in different shapes and sizes, mostly of large dog breeds such as Pit Bulls and German Shepherd's, though others can also be noticed as well. It is unknown just exactly how they became infected since Vanek released the virus into the sewer system and water treatment plant, but it is believed that the dogs either bit or had become bitten by an infected host before they themselves suffered the very same.

They still retain the same rotting effect as the first model Cerberus; though they have a minor
Dog (1)

Another infected dog.

change to their infection. They show signs of being much more intelligent and much more durable to their previous counterparts. They can survive damage from heavy blows and only a blast from a shotgun or machine gun can be enough to take them out. Alone, they are dangerous but in a "pack", they can be ten times more lethal.

It is unknown whether or not they are experimental products since Alex would have planned on how the virus affected animals and in what way; though they weren't intended in the delivery of his B.O.W.'s.

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