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Date of
September 2002
Created via:t-virus infection
Based:Doberman Pincher

  • This article is a part of the Inferno continuity.

"It's them again..."

-Angela, when she sees the Cerberus.

In Inferno, Alfred had released several infected specimens from their cages shortly after he had released the t-virus into the Ashford Mental Health facility. The Cerberus were one of many. When Carlos led his group through the cafeteria, they were attacked by two of the infected dogs to which they took down.

Again, the Cerberus appeared in the hallways of the facility and in larger packs. They are seen tearing apart a survivor to which Carlos and his friends watch on in horror. The dogs are taken out fairly easily throughout the film. Rarely are they seen around other undead and are usually noticed by the sharp, snarling sounds from their hiding spots.

It is unknown just how many Cerberus were caged in the facility. Though if there had been more, they were most likely destroyed in the explosion.

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