Cerberi were a common foe during the Mansion Incident and the Racoon City Incident. They were one of the first creations made by Umbrella and were made injecting the T-Virus into a doberman's bloodstream. Variants of the them also came about during the Los Plagas Incident and the Russian Incident.


Cerberi look somewhat like a doberman, but they have rotten flesh, most of which is peeling off, and completely white eyes. In some, their rib cages can be seen, and some even have little flesh on their heads, exposing their skull. Cerberi are quite vicious, aggressive toward everything, but others of their kind, and have been found by Umbrella to be difficult to control. They often travel in packs, overwhelming potential prey, usually jumping for the victim's throat and ripping it out. Despite being infected by the virus, they are still very fast and agile, unlike zombies who speed is greatly reduced once they become infected. Some Cerberi are quite weak, being able to be taken down with two handgun shots, while others can survive a blast from a shotgun at point blank range.

Some Cerberi have been found to become easier to control once introduced with a drug that controlled the experiments better known as Spice. Only a few were introduced with this drug, and served as guard dogs for Umbrella bases and even personal bodyguards for high-ranking Umbrella employees.


The Mansion IncidentEdit

Shortly after the T-VIrus spread through the Arklay Mansion, dozens of Cerberi escaped into the woods surronding the Mansion and hunted and killed campers, hikers, and bikers through the woods. The eaten bodies were discovered by the R.C.P.D. during their investigation of the missing people. S.T.A.R.S. was deployed to check on the situation and discovered more bodies near the Arklay Mansion. A pack of Cerberi attacked the group, devouring Joseph Frost and chasing the other S.T.A.R.S members into the Mansion, in turn seperating the team in the confusion.

Cerberi were a common foe for all of the team. Jill Valentine was prevented from escaping the Mansion by the sounds of the pack still close by in the woods. More Cerberi were still inside the Mansion and attacked Jill and Chris Reinfield in the cramped hallways, the basement, and the outside gardens. Eventually, the Mansion was destroyed, killing the Cerberi inside, but the pack had found its way to Racoon City and began attacking civilians there even before the Raccon City Incident.

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