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Carrie Storm
Carrie Storm
Date of birth:May 9,2018
Blood type:A+
Height:5ft 6
Mass:125 lb
Occupation:New Amazon
Spouse(s):Rex Harrington

"I maybe a teen, but I'm one deadly bitch"

Carrie Storm is a member of the New Amazons and is one of the youngest friends of Hippolyta Drake. She was born at the site of New Raccoon City, her mother died while giving birth and she was mostly raised ber her father. By 18, she was looking for a line of work in the military, but her father was highly against it, so she ran away. A year later, she found the New Amazons when she was found by Mary Preston and Penthesilea Samaras found her, then took her to their base, trained her and taught her more about their religion.


Carrie assisted in the fight against the Umbrella Fascist Group, alongside Division Delta Codenamed:Anti-Virus and when they came out as the victors, she was given a shot containing A-Virus Alpha, which she injected herself with without hesitation.


Carrie is a young, teenaged girl with light brown hair and green eyes. She is also naked and wears either a thong or G-string, along with a belt for her pistols and ammo.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

After injecting herself with A-Virus Alpha, Carrie possesses superhuman speed, strength, healing, reflexes, agility, senses and immortality. She also possesses psychokinetic powers, as well as the power to teleport.

Alongside her superhuman attributes, Carrie is also a master of mixed martial arts and even a brilliant inventor. She has also proven to be as accurate with a sniper rifle as Yuri Jovovich. Also, Carrie has demonstrated that she is an excellent driver and pilot of many vehicles.


Carrie is very much into reading and building new inventions and also enjoys the movies. Also she enjoys practicing her combat moves and techniques whenever she is off duty.

Married LifeEdit

"Don't diss my man or I will fuck your shit up"

Carrie is currently married to Rex Harrington. They married after they prevailed against the UFG and went to Diamond Island in the Pacific for their honeymoon.

Weapons of ChoiceEdit

Carrie likes wielding Assault & Battle Rifles, as well as pistols, machine guns and on occassion, shotguns. She has a custom made Colt M1911 called "The Samurai".

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