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In FanonEdit

Joben ContinuetyEdit

"Hey, all you need to survive is to remain calm and keep your cool. Not only does it keep you alive, but it drives the ladies wild..."
―Carlos Oliveira

In the Joben Continuety, After the helicopter carrying Carlos lands, Carlos is drawn into a conversation with Jill and David Chambers, where the latter is asking Jill to join his anti-Umbrella organisation. After listening to David's proposals, Carlos volunteers to join him, as he believes that David may lead him to his backstabbing partner, Nicholai Ginovaef, so Carlos may have his revenge. Carlos became one of the very first members of the B.C.K.. As a survivor of Racoon City and having valuable combat training, Carlos is one of the more elite members of the B.C.K. The only person who has more experience than Carlos is Jill.

Darkfall Continuety Edit

"-I've heard about you much from this lady, but I expected you're thogher... - Carlos pointed at Jill.

-Do you want to keep your head? - answered Mac immideatly. Jill just smiled.

-Yes... - said Carlos with a "gulp" sound from his throat.

-Take that gun, and come with me, we've much to do. - said Mac, and almost laughed."

After the events in Raccoon City, Carlos follows Jill to Detroit and joins to the Anti Umbrella Movement too. Carlos and McNeil is going to investigate and to sabotage an Umbrella Laboratory in Norway, just 3 months after Raccoon. After many similar missions, Carlos became an elite member of the Movement, in a strike team with Mac, Jill and Rebecca.

After the fall of Umbrella, Carlos has gone to take down Nicholai Ginovaef, the man who in Carlos meanings was responsible for many good man's death.

JMWesley (AKA Emerald City Chronicles) ContinuityEdit

"Julia, get down!"

After the Raccoon City Incident, Carlos spent much of his time searching for Nichola Ginovaef, but to no avail. After a while, he gave up, and after meeting Julia Chambers at a bar, he joined in her the Sons of Daylight. He plays a key role in the Sons of Daylight, as he was a survivor of the Raccoon City Incident and worked for Umbrella, so he knows the ins and outs of B.O.W. combat. Though his attraction to the ladies can get him into trouble, he is quite calm and cool in most missions, and is very helpful to all of his team members.

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