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Cardinal Row Shopping Center

Location:Newark City
Notable events:t2 Virus infection
Current status:Destroyed, June 14th 2014

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Cardinal Row Shopping Center is a minor location in Newark City.

It is a location that is situated somewhere in Northern Cardinal Row, it is a mall that has two floors. According to the city's website, it is described as the Newark's City's mega mall that offers everything for any shopper who comes there.

It is not a major location for the plot, but it is an accessible area that the player has to pass through due to the barricades and wreckage in the streets that make passing through impossible. Most of the shops and their doors are closed and cannot be accessed in any way. Though they can easily be seen into through windows and doors.

Trivia Edit

  • On the walkway, when you look up through the glass, a Licker Alpha can be seen crawling across the window.
  • When arriving, Rose mentions that she had come here before and remembered seeing someone watching her playing at the arcade. She had called the police, but the man was gone. It is possible that this was Alex, though unrealistic because he had been in hiding for a long time.

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