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Cardinal Row Clock Tower
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Location:Newark City
Notable events:t2 Virus infection
Current status:Destroyed, June 14th 2014

  • This article is a part of the Code Genesis Continuity.

The Cardinal Row Clock Tower is a landmark in Newark City that can be seen close to city hall and the hospital, visited briefly by Chris Redfield and Rose Bedford along with her friends during the events of Code Genesis. It is near this area where the Cerberus are encountered the first time but is not an accessible location.

Prior to the outbreak, this ornate Gothic clock tower was-as mentioned by Rose-a popular tourist attraction. During the outbreak however, the clock tower was overrun with infected and Cerberus.

The base of the tower is seen in the process of being lavishly refurnished, but during the events of the infection, production was halted.

Trivia Edit

  • There is a city legend regarding the clock tower about the ghost of a man who had died there and wields an axe, calling for revenge. This is a reference to the character Chopper from the video game Clock Tower 3. Also a game by Capcom.
  • Upon arrival at the tower, a man is seen jumping from the top and lands in front of the characters. It is obvious that he is not infected and possibly commits suicide.

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