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Cardinal Row
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Location:Newark City
Establishment:Early 1600's
Notable events:t2 Virus infection
Current status:Destroyed, June 14th 2014

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Cardinal Row is the central area and marketing part of Newark City and it is also the very heart of the city itself; it is also known as the starting area of the game.

It was were New Genesis Pharmaceutical marketed the products of Newark and was the home of many parks, schools and hospitals including the police station. Most of this district looks just like any bustling metropolis. There are little electrical lines throughout this district compared to the others because being the most modern district in the city, theoretically most of the power would be underground with the use of power generators.

Cardinal Row boasts an extensive railroad system and a community park, as well as several public monuments. It's Newark City's commercial district, as the majority of the buildings are offices and businesses. It's also the only district with direct access to the Memorial Bridge.

The residents in this district are primarily wealthy class individuals and it is also the location of the mayor's office and courthouse. It's appearance takes it's cues from other districts in many of the worlds larger cities, like Ontario in Canada and London as well as New York City.

Trivia Edit

  • While Cardinal Row does have some shops available for entry, most of them are closed off and unable to be accessed.
  • The name Cardinal Row is similar to Gallery Row in Los Angeles.
  • There is an Easter egg once you leave the station; one of the missing person's flyers has an image of Chuck Greene on it. The main character for the Dead Rising 2 game, also created by Capcom.


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