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Date of
Created via:Unknown; possibly T-virus
Height:8 Feet

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The Cagnazzo is a boss that makes an appearance in the Devil's Playground scenario. It is encountered shortly after Leon discovers the dead body of his contact and immediately attacks Leon on sight. It is a humanoid B.O.W. that supposedly served as a prototype for a future experiment. It was scheduled to be shipped to Alex before it escaped in the chaos of Verona. According to evidence, the contact that Leon was sent to retrieve had somehow located Cagnazzo's containment unit and was killed shortly after he had attempted to reach his superiors.

The Cagnazzo is humanoid in appearance and has no lips-they appear to be torn off. It has sharp, dangerous teeth and long arms with pale white skin that is cracked in several areas. On its hunched back, there are small, fluid-filled sacs that can be shot at once it turns around. Its vision is considerably sharp in the dark, but when the lights are on it, it will usually recoil and attempt to hide from them, which makes for the fight being much more easier. The creature is also extremely vulnerable to acid, so using acid rounds from the grenade launcher is highly recommended.

Trivia Edit

  • The name Cagnazzo is roughly equivalent to "nasty dog" in Italian.
  • It is unknown just how many Cagnazzo types had been created during the time of Leon's investigation, but it is believed that there was possibly only one given the fact that no other types were seen or even heard about later.

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