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Blue Devil Hills

Population:Unknown, estimated to be a few hundred.
Notable events:Blue Devil Hills Outbreak of 2002
Current status:Under Quarentine

Blue Devil Hills is an area located about 15 miles to the west of St. Aaulsberg. It is a popular hiking destination because of its many caves, cliffs, rock shelters, and waterfalls, as well as miles of hiking trails and camping sites. The Hills, as the locals call it, are covered in dense forests and are full of many beautiful plants and animals native to the region. The area is also the source of many myths and legend, the most famous being the Windigo.

The area gets its name from a tribe of Native Americans whom, during times of war, painted blue markings throughout their body, and were called the 'Blue Devils' by European and American settlers.



Before the Europeans settled in this part of the country, a tribe of Native Americans whose name is lost to history lived in the area, hunting and foraging across the creeks, hills, and valleys. 


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