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Founding Date:2005
Founders:Jonah Cleverly
Notable Members:Rupert Gage
Natalie Tetherford
Chris Redfield
See Known Operatives
Headquarters:Wrydern City, Ohio
The Biological and Viral Terrorism Prevention Group, or B.V.T.P.G. for short, is an organization founded by Jonah Cleverly to prevent Bioterrorism and Viral Terrorism.


The B.V.T.P.G. was founded in 2002 by Jonah Cleverly, a former mercenary whose family was killed in a bioterrorist attack. After becoming emotionally stable after his extreme trauma, he founded the group to fight against bioterrorism and viral terrorism. The organization is gaining operatives extrememly quickly, and there are currently 20 known members.


The B.V.T.P.G. consists of two primary factions, the first being the Secret Task Operatives (STO) and the second being the Special Battle Unit (SBU). STOs are often sent on infiltration and undercover missions, whereas the SBU is often sent on raids and offensive missions. STO missions often consist of one operative, sometimes two if needs be. However, the SBU usually utilizes 6-stong teams.

There are also a couple of minor factions, the Transport/Support Team (TST), who deal with air/seaborne support and transportation, and the Demolitions/Artillery Team (DAT), who deal with explosives and heavy ground support. Both often support the SBU during their missions.

Known OperativesEdit

Name Role Status
Barclay, Amelia STO Deceased
Clanton, Wyatt SBU Alive
Cleverly, Jonah Founder/TST Alive
Gage, Rupert SBU Alive
Karwell, Ezekiel SBU Deceased
Kennedy, Nathan STO Alive
Kusao, Forrest TST Deceased
McCoral, Herb SBU Deceased
Nester, Dan SBU Alive
Peake, Rhett TST Alive
Rackham, Pete TST Deceased
Redfield, Chris SBU Alive
Sorenson, Bryce DAT Alive
Storms, Mick SBU Alive
Sullivan, Jayne DAT Alive
Taryn, Eleanor SBU Deceased
Tetherford, Natalie SBU Alive
Valentine, Jill STO Alive
Wells, Lianne SBU Alive
Winter, Tobias TST Alive
Zuma, Sharon SBU Alive

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