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Bandersnatch II
Bandersnatch II

Date of
Created via:t2 virus infection
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"AHH!! Something's got my leg!!"

-one of Alex's guards before they are killed.

Bandersnatch I Edit

Created in early 1998, the Bandersnatch was a Bio-Organic Weapon model type developed by the Umbrella Corporation to serve as a more cost-effective take on the Tyrant model.

The process used in their creation was highly flawed and the cost to create them had been cut. Their anatomy tended to atrophy away within moments of their creation; the atrophied parts were for some unusual reason often left to their left arms. To overcompensate for such damage, the virus in theyr systems allowed for them to possess greater control of their right arms, which were increased in mass to become as thick and resilient as their torsos.

Another trait of the Bandersnatch was stretching its arm far beyond that of normal limits to about five meters. The Bandersnatch often pins its victims against a wall and crushes their skulls quickly. Bandersnatches are a sickly yellow color, intertwined with disgustingly bloated veins and arteries. Their visages, on the other side, had been degraded to resemble that of mere melted patches of skin.

Bandersnatch II Edit

Alex had attempted to replicate the creation of the Bandersnatch from the past, so he had requested much more tests subjects to do so. The type II of the Bandersnatch's body is covered in rigid bone - like plates to prevent many external damages. When it attacks, it reaches out with its arm or clubs its enemy with its massive appendage. Its functions are similar to the first model.

They are a mid-level enemy and should be engaged upon at a reasonable distance with smaller arms fire; though with heavier weaponry they can be taken out fairly easily with a few shots and won't take as long to bring them down.

Although physically weaker than the Hunter G type, Bandersnatches can stretch their arm to cover the length of most rooms to attack the player at range, causing considerable damage with their strikes and grabs and should not be underestimated. They may move slowly, but they can easily reach their arm to grab something and pull themselves across the halls or rooms, quickly closing the gap between them and the player.

Bandersnatch II types are usually encountered alone or in pairs of two and should always be treated as dangerous. If a player gets grabbed their head by one of them, they must struggle to get free if not, the creature would break their neck instantly killing the player.

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