Found in Dr. Moss's Office, Umbrella Arab Compound.

To: Albert Wesker

Location: Unknown

From: Richard Moss PhD

Title: B.O.W.s Progress Log

The following B.O.W.s have shown to be great weapons of mass destruction, of course only limited data has been recorded due to premature elimination by the United States RRS Unit. Namely a pesky sargeant by the name of Shephard, but all weapons have proven their effectiveness against all other human-based organisms including the Afghani National Army that raided the city a few weeks ago. Here is the following data on the most previsious data,

The Camel Spider: Destroyed, killed 20+ Soldiers

Scropion Omega: Destroyed, Killed 15+ Soldier

Abdulla Monstros: Destroyed, Killed 5 Soldier

C-13 "Ultimatum": Currently under construction, 20+ Arabian Soldiers.

RE: B.O.W.s Progress Log

From: Albert Wesker

To: Richard Moss PhD

Location: Umbrella Arabian Compound (Abandoned)

I am greatly disappointed in the results you have given me, doctor. I suppose that I can overlook it, but I had hoped that your Bio-Organic Weapons would have assimalated the unit already. Maybe I misjudged your mental appitute, if Birkin weren't dead...I would more than likely have had better results. Give me more improving results or Birkin won't be the only dead Umbrella Scientist to have contact with me...

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