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Birkin's Virus, or B-Virus, is instrumental in WeskerFan3000's Continuity.Edit

Creation and OriginsEdit

In 1988, Birkin stole Marcus's research and began developing a new Super Virus, alongside Alex and Albert Wesker. After a year of failed experiments, he perfected the B-Virus, and injected Alex with it. Alex survived and gained super speed, endurance, and strength, which took five years to fully develop.

Wesker VariantEdit

In 1998, Birkin made a new B-Virus, using Alex's blood. He gave this to Albert, who injected himself with it. Birkin later called it the Wesker Variant. Despite Spencer's requests, Birkin refused to mass produce the B-Virus until the G-Virus was perfected. Albert did the same process to Robert,although Robert exceeded Albert's expectations. Only Albert, Alex, Robert, and Sergei know how to make and control it.


Lleviathan was the only Tyrant made with the B-Virus, as the Wesker Variant took control.

Wesker VariantEdit

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