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Island 3
Ashford Mental Health Facility
General information

Alexia Ashford


Director Scott Harman

Notable members

Alfred Ashford

Alexia Ashford

Doctor James Marcus

Director Scott Harman

Charles Ashford (Disbanded)





Historical information












Other information

Umbrella Corporation

"Hell's Island. Nice place to spend the rest of your life."

-An Umbrella soldier's remark on the island.

The Ashford Mental Health Facility is a fictional top secret island facility located somewhere off shores, originally formed to study the mental health of the patients brought there. The complex was believed to have been controlled by Alexia before Alfred took over under the direction of the Umbrella Corporation. The island itself is home to the clinically insane and it also features the mansion of the Ashford Family where most of the doctors and scientists live. The island also has ship docks, places for helicopters to land and even underwater transports. Below the island is an even larger laboratory that is said to house various dangerous experiments such as the Lickers and victims of torture. It is presently under the direction of Scott Harman after Alfred supposedly lost his mind.

History Edit

Alexia Ashford founded the facility after developing an almost mad obsession with curing mental illness. She invited many mental health facilities who suffered from overpopulation to transport patients to her facility. As a scientist of Umbrella and a warm, welcoming face, the families of these patients often trusted her to find a way to help their loved ones.

The three Ashford siblings led most of the production of the facility and most of the testing was done by Alfred and Alexia. Charles was in the dark about the true reasons behind the facility. When he discovered what had been going on, he left his two siblings to his own work. Years went by and the Ashford Mental Health Facility became one of the most well-known facilities in the world. It was renovated a few years before the fall of Raccoon City and in that time, Alexia was believed to have "disappeared", leaving leadership to Alfred. Under his charge, the facility soon earned the nickname, "Hell's Island" by many of the scientists and workers there.

Appearance Edit

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