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Date of
Created via:Sexual reproduction between Hamontree's Zombie and woman, or gene splicing and HT-virus infection
Length:3 meters (adult)
Purpose:Controllable bioweapon

Armisael are Bio Organic Weapons developed by Ayana Hamontree.


During the Raccoon City Incident, a group of Umbrella researchers successfully escaped the city and quit Umbrella, forming their own group in developing bio organic weapons. They began engineering their own virus, and then tested it on several kidnapped men. Within hours, the subjects mutated into zombies. One of the researchers, Ayana Hamontree, volunteered herself interact with these zombies. For each test, Hamontree was placed in an observation room with a zombie. After spending a few minutes with the zombie, the zombie would be led back into its cell while Hamontree left the room. She was able to order each zombie to perform simple tasks, and none expressed any interest in eating her.

Hamontree's fellow researchers, however, were ambitious to see what these zombie would do next to a human for extended periods of time. During one of the tests, they all agreed, without Hamontree's consent, to lock her in the room while releasing all zombies from their cells. Hamontree, of course, protested, but there was nothing she could do. The zombies still showed no interest in her after several hours. Eventually reassuring herself that they were harmless, Hamontree fell asleep, having been trapped for the entire day. In a few minutes, a zombie woke Hamontree when he started to rape her. The other zombies soon followed. When each zombie was finished mating, he returned to his typical behavior. Hamontree's fellow researchers then brought her out of the room and ran tests, discovering that she was pregnant. They forced her to keep whatever was in her womb.

Over the course of two weeks, Hamontree grew increasingly hungry, eating more than twice the amount she normally would for each meal. This was due to the rapid growth of the creature inside her womb. At the end of the two weeks, Hamontree gave birth to what looked like a large, armored maggot. The creature chewed away the umbilical cord and began feeding on Hamontree's breastmilk. A week after its birth, the monster entered its pupa stage, but erupted from its cocoon in just thirty seconds. Hamontree was able to feel the mind of the creature and soon discovered that she could control it at will. She used it to kill one researcher, and then used this fear to take over the entire research group. Being the one in power, Hamontree named the B.O.W.-dealing organization, Hamontree Biotechnologies, and named the new B.O.W., Armisael. As the only female of Hamontree Biotechnologies, she continued to mate with zombies to make more Armisael, using the B.O.W.s as her personal military.

Later on, Hamontree Biotechnologies developed a mass-produced variant that would be created by impregnating a woman with an artificially-inseminated egg.


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Armisael larva

An Armiseal is created through either sexual reproduction between a Hamontree's Zombie and a woman, or impregnating a woman with an artificially-inseminated egg. Once the woman is impregnated, the Armiseal larva grows and develops inside her womb, a process that takes about two weeks. During this time, the mother must eat more than twice the amount she normally would to keep up with the larva's rapid growth. Once it is fully developed, it crawls out of its mother's birth canal. The creature does not require external assistance to leave its mother and it instinctively pulls out the placenta and severs the umbilical cord by chewing on it. As a larva, the Armisael is a large, multi-tongued maggot-like creature and is about one meter in length and 25 centimeters in diameter, and feeds on its mother's breast milk. The mother's breast milk production is also triple that of a normal mother's in order to provide the Armisael larva with enough food to grow. If not around its mother, however, the Armisael will scavenge on deceased flesh for growth. Doing so will allow it to grow as well, but will take longer to do so.

In about a week after its birth, the Armisael enters its pupa stage, forming a large cocoon the size of a human adult. The pupa stage is complete in just thirty seconds, when the now-adult Armisael tears its way out of is cocoon.

In its adult stage, the Armisel becomes a powerful weapon and has a telepathic connection with its uninfected parent; it will do anything its mother orders it to do. Physically, the adult Armisael has claws, an extremely bullet-resistant exoskeleton, and spines all over its body. As an attack, it expels corrosive saliva out of its mouth that can burn through steel. If an enemy is close up, an Armisael will use its claws to attack. The claws may also be used to tunnel underground, allowing Armisael to act as hidden detectors when stealth is necessary. Probably the Armisael's most frightening characteristic though, is its ability to regenerate at an alarming rate. It only takes up to 30 seconds for a severally injured Armisael to fully recover.



There are two categories of traits where Armisael can differ. The first category, which consists of two possibilities, depend on the mother's genes. The second category, which consists of three possibilities, depend on the father's genes. This gives a total of six possible strains of Armisael.

Mother-determined characteristicsEdit
  1. The acid of the Armisael solidifies after its initial corrosion, restricting the movement of foes that survive the first acid stream. Hamontree and Stella Havel are the only known mother of these Armisael.
  2. The Armisael launches a pair of parasites hidden within the first stream of acid at a target. The acid burns away flesh, allowing the parasites to gestate within the target. Once the victim dies, the two parasites devour the corpse from the inside out and grow into miniature Armisael that can attack only with claws. Due to the genetic instability of these Armisael spawn, their life spans are as short as thirty seconds. May June is the only known mother of these Armisael.
Father-determined characteristicsEdit
  1. The Armisael ejects corrosive bile in addition to its already-acidic saliva, increasing its firepower.
  2. When the Armisael is moderately wounded, its exoskeleton thickens, allowing it to better absorb impacts.
  3. The Armisael's claws are sharper, enabling it tunnel underground. Its exoskeleton is also structured to absorb nutrients from soil that can be used to increase its already-fast recovery rate.


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