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Aria (A-001)
Date of birth:October 1 , 1986

29 ( Mental)

Blood type:O
Height:175 cm ( 5ft 9 in )
Mass:54.3 kg (120 lb )
Family:Wesker ( Caper / Mentor )
Occupation:Assassin ( Primary Target of B.S.S.A)
Relationship status:Jake Muller ( Mentors Son / Relative)
Appearances:Code Veronica ( Rockford Island)

Marhawa Desire (Manga Story Line)

Aria is an unknown survivor from Rockfort island , who was captured by Wesker to make the ultimate super solider and to extract the veronica virus along with Steve's Body . Aria was the only known person to have survived the veronica experiments which were preformed on her whilist she was still a child which were conducted on her by Alexia Ashford before placing herself and Aria into an cryo-stasis only to be awakened by Alferd Ashford years later , after awakening from her cryo-status early research was carried out and reportedly it was known that during a peak of her age she would stop aging making her almost immortal .

History Edit

Aria's place of birth was unknown but during her time on Antartic base she became a prime target for Alexia's research and after the experimenting on Alexander Asford , Aria became the next and only other person who was able to bond with the Veronica virus making her powerful , and strong at her young age , After the research was complete Alexia placed both herself and Aria inside a Cryo-statis but was only to awaken earlier than planned Aria awoken days before the intial virus outbreak on the island but was still unable to escape the island early enough . During the outbreak Aria was found by Wesker and since she had the only alive remaining samples of the Veronica virus still inside her wesker kidnapped her along with Steve Burnsides body where Wesker raised Aria so she was able to adpat she skills and became a fully trained assassin which Wesker planned to use to terminate some soliders of the B.S.S.A.

Resident Evil 6 Timeline Edit

Around 2012 Aria would be around the same age as Sherry , under the previous orders of Wesker which she still carried out Aria went on search for Jake Muller who was identified as Weskers son and the cure to the recent epidemic . Aria was able to find Jake whilist carrying out her assassination attempt on Sherry Birkin , they were able to reunite after many long years apart until a recent attack , Aria protected Jake and Sherry using her Veronica-fused powers to form a barrier which protected them from the collapsing bulding after escaping Aria shared a breif hug with Jake before heading off on her next misson ; where her target was Carla

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