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"Look at them all!"

"Just ignore them, Jonas."

-Rose and Jonas in conversation regarding the ants.

Ants are "social" insects of the island that live together in small colonies. As such, one can be found close to another in any way. The ants are considered to be "failed" experiments with Alex's new virus though there doesn't appear to be any real concern as to why given their strength in numbers. While they posess an increase in intelligence, they serve no real use to him save for their being a minor nuisance. Though they do prove to be useful in large numbers, they were killed entirely too easily.

The ants can be killed easily with knives, handgun shots or melee attacks and pose no real threat to the player. Like chickens of Resident Evil: 4 and Resident Evil: 5, they do little damage to the player and can simply be ignored. Fighting them is almost pointless.

A colony of ants appear on the island. No queen is present, but it can be assumed that there is one nearby.

Trivia Edit

  • The ants could possibly be a reference to Alexia Ashford and the Veronica virus. Rose does comment on how "useless" ants would be as a bioweapon.
  • If lingering too long, the ants will start to crawl toward Rose, but will not attack her. Though why they do this is unknown.

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