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Date of Birth september 3rd 1980
Date of Death N/A
Gender male
Height 5'9
Race/Ethnicity caucasian
Occupation umbrella researcher,USS member,antiumbrella activist,willpharma founder BSAA member
Marital status married
Relative(s) albert wesker (adopted father) jack norman (father) julia norman (sister)
Status alive
Albert Wesker - RE

drew removing his sunglasses

Andrew "drew' wesker is the adopted son of albert wesker and the actual son of former II veltro leader jack norman,one of the founding eleven of the BSAA,Willpharmas founder and a major anti umbrella activist


born on September third nineteeneighty to Jack Norman,his wife and their 3 year old daughter julia. Andrew James Norman was expected to do great things but was thought to be killed in a house fire only to have been saved by umbrella agent albert wesker feeling bad for the child wesker took him under his wing changing his surname to wesker.

work with umbrella:

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