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Founding Date:2001
Founders:Karl Harwood and Harley Garrison
Notable Members:Leon Kennedy
Claire Redfield
See Known Operatives
Headquarters:Washington, D.C.
The American Protection Society, or A.P.S. for short, is an organization founded by Karl Harwood and Harley Garrison to ensure the safety of American citizens.


The A.P.S. was founded in 2001 by Karl Harwood, the 44th President of the United States, and Harley Garrison, who was Karls most trusted ally and friend. After the 2000 Virginia Beach Outbreak, the first known U.S. viral outbreak, Karl created the A.P.S. with guidance from Harley. Experienced soldiers were hand-picked for the team. The society was officialy created in 2001.


Nearly all missions regarding the A.P.S. are done in pairs, with the partners usually having contrasting skills. These ideas make for very successful work, as what one person cannot do, the other can do. Mostly, the A.P.S. deals with problems inside of the U.S., but on rare occasions operatives have been sent into different countries. These missions are usually more difficult, as back-up usually can't be sent, at least easily, and it's usually unknown what is being faced.

Known OperativesEdit

Name Years Active Status
Garrison, Harley 2001-Present Alive
Harwood, Karl 2001-Present Alive
Kennedy, Leon 2002-Present Alive
Redfield, Claire 2003-Present Alive
Singleton, Thaddeus 2005-2005 Deceased
Sissons, Ferry 2006-Present Alive
Slater, Lake 2003-Present Alive
Valentine, Jill 2003-2006 Alive

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