Amanda Dallas
Date of Birth 3-11-1965
Date of Death 12-25-2007
Gender Female
Height 5'10
Race/Ethnicity Unknown
Occupation Umbrella Researcher
Marital status Unknown
Relative(s) Unknown
Status Dead

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Little is known about Amanda Dallas except that she was a Umbrella researcher for some twenty years and was place in charge of the Alaska facility. In her time as a researcher she created the Grims, G-05, and the Nyx. Up until Operation Whitescreen she was in total control of the facility to the point where she would kill anyone who wanted to leave. During the raid she retreated to the underground road after having her bodyguard, the G-05, held off Kaiden Westfall. He then caught up to her as she was ready to make her escape. Unfortunately she was cut off by the Nyx which had escaped and was destroying the compound. With her escape route blocked she had no choice but to surrender to Kaiden who lead her to the surface. There he and B.S.A.A. security forces fought the Nyx and managed to defeat it. Thinking that everyone was dead except for herself and Kaiden she grabbed one of the weapons layingg about and attempted to kill Kaiden. Luckily Captain William managed to kill her before she could kill Kaiden.

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