Amaka Alomar was a scientist that worked on the Umbrella African Factory. She was the wife of Kimo Alomar and mother to Sheva Alomar. She was also, along with her husband, the one who discovered Chief Raman's illegal activities.

First YearsEdit

Amaka Alomar was born in Africa, and since a young age she was determinated to be a scientist. At the young age of 16, she conceived a daughter with Kimo Alomar, and they named her Sheva. Despite the cares her daughter required, she was still able to become a scientist.

Umbrella African BranchEdit

Eight years after the birth of their daughter, both of the Alomars were able to get a job in the newly-founded Umbrella African Branch, along with 10-year-old-scientist Tomè Laga. After a year, they found out that their boss had been doing illegal sales of the B.O.W.s that were being created there. After they informed Tomè about this, and he confronted Chief Raman, they were threatened by Chief Raman not to say anything or he would kill Sheva.After nearly a year, Kimo asked for his brother, Kwon Alomar, to rescue Sheva, so they could confront Chief Raman. When they came to confront him, they realized that he was infected with the t-virus, and that he also caused an outbreak in the village. When Chief Raman mutated into a monster, they contacted Tomè and told him what had happened, and they tried to confront Raman. They both couldn`t, and were killed by the monster.

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