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Alyson Frank
Date of birth:1978
Occupation:New Amazon

Alyson Frank is a New Amazons sniper, and one of the organization's most distinguished members. As she is part of the New Amazon cult, she wears nothing but a gas mask, gloves, and boots, when on missions.


Alyson's history with the New Amazons is unknown, but she follows the New Amazon religion.

Allying with Division DeltaEdit

In 2037, the New Amazons received word of bioterrorist activity not too far from the New Amazons' secondary headquarters. Penthesilea sent Alyson and several other New Amazons to investigate. The New Amazons clashed with the Division Delta Codenamed:Anti-Virus, and was able to surround the encountered group. Division Delta surrendered and agreed to come quietly to the New Amazons' nearest headquarters. Stella reported to Penthesilea of the capture, and the New Amazon leader decided to meet the strangers herself in order to clarify the situation. Once she arrived at the secondary headquarters, Delta Division's leader, Michael Franklin Miller explained that the cause of the bioterrorist activities was Oswell E. Spencer and the remnants of the Umbrella Corporation. Penthesilea sent Alyson to the specific location Miller gave her, and the latter confirmed Miller's claim two hours later. Division Delta and the New Amazons caught up to the scout, and were surprised to discover that the outpost was one used by the Umbrella Facist Group. The group was able to sabotage the control room, but had to fight there way out. In the chaos, Hippolyta went missing. Miller told Penthesilea that he would contact her again to attack the outpost, once his reinforcements arrived. After being forced to leave her niece behind, Penthesilea gathered a larger fighting force of New Amazons to attack the outpost in order to find Hippolyta. After two days of unsuccessful attacks, Hippolyta contacted her aunt that she was alive and well, and was on her way to the secondary headquarters. Miller then contacted Penthesilea that he was ready to attack the outpost once more, and told her he told Hippolyta to meet him at the outpost as well. Once both organizations mobilized, they destroyed the outpost.

After the victory, Miller supplied the New Amazons with new weapons, Cloning Tubes and Holorooms.

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