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Alpha-X, more commonly known as BLACKLIGHT is synthesized virus that seem to spread through blood or saliva transfer. However, the viruses are unable to travel through water or air. it is discovered by the US Army.

Overview Edit

The virus gives various superhuman abilities, including the ability to absorb the biomass, skills and memories of fallen enemies. Infected can also withstand much more than an average human, such as falls from great heights without any injury and multiple gunshot wounds.Infected have superhuman strength which allows them to pick cars up and throw them with ease and punch through enemies. They are extraordinarily fast, agile and strong. They are capable of running around 100 miles per hour, running up and across the sides of buildings, and can jump hundreds of meters. Infected are also capable of gliding. Infected can form their biomass into a variety of weapons, mostly stabbing or crushing tools. They can create blades, whips, hammers or increase his strength by moving mass to his arms.

History Edit

Hope Edit

Scientists synthesized a virus they dubbed BLACKLIGHT. They brought military families of different nationalities into the town, telling them that it was a test in case of nuclear fallout. The families were happy to be injected with the virus, thinking they were greatly helping their country. At first, the virus had no effect, it took over four years before people started to have a reaction around the time of the first births after they were infected. People began to die rapidly and the virus was found to have a 99% mortality rate.

The virus found the perfect host in Eli Blue, her genetic makeup was unique and instead of being consumed by the virus she consumed it. The military forces from Fort Deitrich were forced to cleanse the town, with some townspeople attempting to fight them off. For two days the military skirmished with the town, but then they pulled out and the town was shelled. The military moved back in, with the last people barricaded in the hospital. Eli gave birth as the military moved in, to a son codenamed 'P'. Eli and P were the only two survivors of Hope, scientists locked Blue in a cell at a company named Umbrella. They continued to study the different strains of the virus that formed throughout her system.

Raccoon City Incident(1998) Edit

During the Raccoon City Incident, Marc injected himself with the Alpha-X Virus. The virus gave him superhuman strength, agility and regeneration, without the severe cost of the loss of his humanity, like it was by Albert Wesker. The resulting mutation also gave him blue cat-like eyes.

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