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Created via:Accidentally infected with t-virus

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"Josh, watch out!"

-Sheva, when she sees the alligator attack from the water.

The Alligator is a boss that makes an appearance only during the Lost Memories scenario. It was not a planned creation and had simply been made by accident. When the t-virus was released into the village of East Zahani, the creature became infected after the water supply was tainted by the virus and blood of the infected. It changed and adapted well to its adverse effects, growing rapidly to over ten meters in length much like the alligator features in the Resident Evil: 2 game.

A similar creature made its first appearance in Resident Evil 2 when Leon first encountered Ada at the Raccoon City sewers; it had cornered Ada and just as it is near to killing her, it turns its attention to Leon. It's only lucky that he was able to defeat the mutated creature by tricking it into biting down a gas canister that is promptly shot afterwards; the resulting explosion blowing its head apart. Other examples of infected alligators would be seen in Resident Evil Survivor. It can also be found in Resident Evil: Outbreak File 2 in the Zoo area. However it didn't grow to enormous size as its cousin had from the Raccoon City sewers.

The Alligator reappears again as a boss in Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles (the remake of Resident Evil: 2 scenario). In this featured scenario it is fought by both Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield. This version of the fight shows Leon and Claire at first attempting to kill it by igniting a leaking pipe valve. However this only badly burns it, forcing the duo to trick it into biting down on a gas canister that is promptly shot; the resulting explosion blowing its head apart similar to its fate in Resident Evil: 2.

The shotgun is the most effective weapon against the alligator and guarantees that it does far more damage enough to take him down than any other weapon. It is never good to reload while he recovers because sometimes he can attack during the phase.

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