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Alice Clones
Alice Clones
Date of birth:2009
Date of death:2009
Height:5ft 8inch
Occupation:Guards/Assassins of Umbrella Corporation
Portrayer:Milla Jovovich

Yanet Swaby (rumored)

Alice Clones were the security guards and assassins of Albert Wesker during Division Delta Codenamed:Anti-Virus' attack on the base of the Umbrella Corporation known as "The Heart". They were used when Michael Franklin Miller and Alice breached security within the base and 2 were encountered when they confronted Wesker. Alice took on her cloned counterparts and Miller took on Wesker. Wesker and the clones were killed and that was the end of them.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Since they were created with Alice's DNA, these clones have her personality and powers. they have speed, strength, agility, healing and even reflexes.


Some clones are known to use hand to hand combat, others are known to use either dual wield Katanas or firearms.

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