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"I'll make em' pay, even if I have to kill each and everyone of their precious B.O.W's!"
―Alex Porter

A New TyrantEdit

Alex is the latest in tyrant development. He is a new kind called a "sleeper tyrant". This type remains in human form "asleep mode" until engaged in combat. He then transforms into a tyrant (awakened mode) in order to fight back. Alex is referred to as the T-094. He was experimented on by using the T-virus as well as the G-virus samples that were secured by the Umbrella agents. Ever since the tg-virus experiments that made Alex what he is, he swore vengeance against Umbrella by destroying all that they created with the exception of himself.

The T-094Edit

Alex, when transformed, posseses extraordinary abilities making him one of the most successful tyrants ever produced. Unlike most tyrants who possess a large claw on their right arm, Alex has the claw on his left arm. Alex can control electricity and has all the defenses (the power to deflect any bullet) it grants as well as the ability to shrug off extremely heavy explosives that are dangerous to other tyrants. Unlike other Tyrants, Alex cannot regenerate unless he ceases all movement and concentrates on regenerating leaving him open to attack. 

Escape into the Corrupted CityEdit

A few days after Alex was experimented on, he escaped the labs and fled to Raccon City during the T-virus outbreak. There he was attacked by a group of zombies which lead to his first transformation. After wiping out the whole group, Alex ran into Claire Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy who reacted by opening fire until Alex spoke and convinced them that his mind was in the right place. After explaning what had happened to him, Alex agreed to accompany Claire and Leon and get to the bottom of the outbreak. Umbrella eventually deployed the T-103 class tyrant (Mr.X) in an attempt to not only secure more G-virus samples but to re-capture Alex as well. Alex agreed to hold off the T-103 so that Claire and Leon could escape.

Deep in the Dying CityEdit

To be continued...

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