"What is this? Some new drug that Gene Tech created?"

"AGES isn't just some drug: it's the ultimate bio weapon. It was designed by my husband to be the ultimate weapon but he decided that it was too powerful. Some didn't agree with this and this happened. Jason is a good man, not a monster."

-Richard and Patricia discussing AGES.



The ultimate weapon designed by Dr. Jason Isaacs and his team for Project Rhodes, AGES for short, was going to be the ultimate weapon. AGES was meant to be the successor of the Gene Virus, fixing the mistakes that this virus had. AGES is a powerful mutagenic agent that works very much like Zeus now does but only much faster. AGES was produced as the fifth variant of the Adaptive Gene virus, which produced mutations that would quickly go out of control. While the Tyrant produced continued to evolve and adapt, these evolutions went out of control, causing the Tyrant to eventutally explode.

AGES's mutants were seen by Jason as a return to Umbrella's work that lead to the Raccoon City Outbreak. He then began to rework the virus into a weaker strain, and this would eventually lead to the Zeus Virus, one of Gene Tech's primary poducts due to the very effective Tyrants it produced.


So far, only one person was infected by AGES: Jason, is own creator. His is the only case of a true infection rather than false replication that produced the monster known as Nightmare. Based on Jason's logs discussing his continuing infection, AGES quickly revives the person or causes mutation within 20 miniutes. These cells typically spread from the location of their injection and begin to spread throughout the body. There seems to be little pain with process but with the hypothamlomus going haywire, the mind is adversely affected.

The cells continue to spread throughout the body and will eventually consume the entire body, turning the person into an AGES Tyrant. So far the only noted is Jason but technically his son, Alex is also an AGES Tyrant due to him using AGES cells to enhance his own power to unlock his "true form." Also, the mutated genes seem to be inheritable as Alex's own son Albert is also showing signs of AGES mutations.

While Jason couldn't both Alex and Albert seem to be able to revert between their human and Tyrant forms at will, an effect that few other mutants have shown. This is possibly due to unrecgonized transformations to the brain that allow cells to be selectively destroyed, allowing the excess tissue to be removed and the normal cells to take in this nutrients and reform their normal shapes. This produces a whole new class of Tyrant that Gene Tech may try and exploit in the future.

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