クレイジーレッグ, also known as Crazy Legs, are monsters created by the Corona Virus when several Pygmy Jerboas from a local zoo were infected. They are solitary and will chase their food down once they spot it.

Appearance Edit

クレイジーレッグ are the size of small children. They have matted, bloodsoaked fur, and have crane-like legs with talons the length of a flastscreen television on each toe. Its arms have now become vestigial, and the only thing that remains of them are bones that are seen in an x-ray of the creature. In the place of the arms are two large, serrated spikes that it can move around like ball-in-socket joints. The tail is now as long as a bus, and has a mace-like appendage at the end. The eyes are completely white, and the mouth is much larger and full of razor-sharp teeth.

Behavior Edit

The クレイジーレッグ are hostile and will chase people for very long distances. They bite, scratch, impale and eviscerate people whenever they get the chance to. If there are two in the same place, they will fight each other, and the victor of the fight will chase its original target. If the tail is separated from the body, they will die of blood loss. They make their nests in the homes of their victims, and the obvious sign of a クレイジーレッグ nest is a horrible smell that penetrates the air in a 20 foot radius around it.

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